Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology. Scientists believe that, in addition to humans, birds and other mammals also dream.

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Dream about fried fish

Signifies your accountability and responsibility in a current task at hand.

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Dreams interpretation

Dream about an uncle dead : Indicates peace, tranquility, love, and happiness at home. You prefer to nurture others.

Dream about About my mum dead : Suggests an emotional situation that you have had difficulty processing.

Dream about suggestion : Suggests that an experience of complete deconstruction of a strongly held idea may be occurring in your waking life.

Dream about A Lemur with red fangs on Tuesday : Suggests a feeling of pressure to perform; it indicates an unhealthy attitude to your work or job. Difficulty meeting a deadline within a dream shows an unconscious desire to be free.

Dream about DreamaboutAntelopegroundsquirrel_ : Indicates that you are repressing deep feelings of anger and fury. If you continue to keep these emotions supressed, you risk the chance of hurting yourself or others.

Dream about Pied kingfisher : Represents disapproval in a person or situation. It also stands for darkness, isolation, and unimportance.

Dream about a black cat and black jackal watching me on Sunday : Suggests you may be overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities and obligations.

Dream about Common mynah : Indicates a healthy ability to see the spiritual side of your waking existence. It may also imply that there is an aspect of your life, perhaps a project or personal relationship, that has grown too large for you to easily handle.

Dream about A wolf chasing me : Indicates that you are pleased with the aspects of your life pertaining to finances and your personal happiness. You don't require many material possessions to be satisfied. What you own is enough to keep you comfortable throughout your life.

Dream about I saw a grape fruit in my dream : Suggests that a detail that could have been overlooked may soon become clear. Be aware to treat any forthcoming details with the attention they deserve, as this could be more important than you think.

Dream about afternoon : Indicate your conscious personality, or your state of well-being and fitness.

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