Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology. Scientists believe that, in addition to humans, birds and other mammals also dream.

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Dream about fried fish

Signifies your accountability and responsibility in a current task at hand.

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Dreams interpretation

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutDreamaboutFightback : Indication that you are concerned that your peaceful life may soon be disrupted.

Dream about Jeepney : Suggests you are feeling worried and uneasy about a circumstance. You are dissatisfied with predictability and repetitiveness in your daily life, career, and relationships. You want change.

Dream about Shilong Teer house number today on Saturday : Suggests that you have become somewhat callous to the events around you. You are acting cynical and though you may not ask for others' help, you are certainly relying on them.

Dream about being held up at gun point on Thursday : Implies that you are struggling to make progress toward a goal. You may feel that you are going around in circles and the situation never changes.

Dream about andhi toofan : Suggests that you have run out of ways to deal with certain problems or issues in your life. None of the methods are proving to be successful. It's possible that you are feeling remorse and instead of expressing those emotions, you are chastising yourself.

Dream about Dreamaboutrail : Implies that you are trying to create a favorable impression for somebody.

Dream about Argue out : Represents your satisfaction from entertaining engagements and social gatherings in your waking life.

Dream about DreamaboutbeteanbyalotofcivetsonFriday : Represents negative qualities that you possess. You are feeling vulnerable and apprehensive.

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutDreamaboutDreamaboutDreamaboutDreamaboutsmokedfishmovingoutofmybedtransformedintohen : Indicates that you are pleased with the aspects of your life pertaining to finances and your personal happiness. You don't require many material possessions to be satisfied. What you own is enough to keep you comfortable throughout your life.

Dream about 67 on Tuesday : Represents your past. Everything you have experienced, learned, and seen can assist with the issues that are facing you in your waking life. Take past lessons to heart. This dream may be affected parents.

Dream about Kill grasscutter : Indicates that you could be coming into a new aspect of your interpersonal evolution.

Dream about Preaching : Suggests inaction due to distractions in your life. Is suggests that you are letting things pass you by. This further implies that fear of failure may stop you from pursuing your ambitions and aspirations.

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