Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology. Scientists believe that, in addition to humans, birds and other mammals also dream.

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Dream about seashore

Indicates that you sill harbor unsettled feelings and emotions about your youth. You may feel insufficient and unable to perform a task to the best of your ability.

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Dreams interpretation

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutjesus : Indicates that you are reluctant to face an embarrassing or awkward issue. To face this would mean that you would have to admit that it exists.

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutDreamaboutsofa : Indicates a fear of releasing your addiction to sad thoughts or depression. These emotional states have been serving you in some way.

Dream about pull : Implies a need to learn to balance your rational and reasonable side with your more volatile, instinctive, and emotional side.

Dream about Zero out : Represents personal development or a favorable progression in your current position. You are reaping well-deserved recognition for your accomplishments.

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutriverturnintoguttersonMonday : Indicates your requirements for your feelings and sexual desires. Positive events may await you.

Dream about Chimpanzee : Indicates that you could be coming into a new aspect of your interpersonal evolution.

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutsomeonegivingkheerprasadonmyhand : Represents your desire for style and charisma.May be attempting to stay away from a situation or duty.

Dream about DreamaboutEuropeanbeaver_ : Symbolizes acceptance and protection. You recognize your achievements and are proud of yourself.

Dream about DreamaboutSparrowrufous-collared : Represents the huge possibilities available to you. You are surrounding by choices and freedom of direction.

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutsawascotergarageandwondereditsnearby : Refers to a new unusual state of mind or a shift in your usual paradigm. It can be an attempt to break away from your daily routine by going for a lighter, less serious approach to matters at hand.

Dream about sound large open on Saturday : Indicates that you may be assuming responsibility for somebody else's actions in order to distract from your own short comings.

Dream about DreamaboutDreamaboutstoringwaterbecauseofwatershortageonThursday : Suggests that you may be the victim of a humiliating experience.

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