The abscess we saw in our dreams is an unfavorable sign. If in your dream you see that you have an abscess, then in real life you are at risk of serious illness. However, if you start treatment in time, you can avoid trouble. If you have a dream that you are trying to cure the abscess yourself, then in reality you will be able to overcome all the difficulties. For a young woman, a dream in which she opens the abscess of her beloved means that she will be wise enough to avoid an emerging conflict that could lead to parting.

If you have a dream about a ripe abscess, then in reality you will be waiting for failures, at the same time in your heart will remain a place for sympathy for the troubles of others. To see an abscess in your dream, from which blood and pus flow, means that in the near future, unpleasant events will happen to you. If you have a dream that you have an abscess on your head, wait for the news of the illness of someone close to you.

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