The beads seen in the dream predict the attention of the powerful. To count beads – to nothing darkened joy and well being. To string beads on a thread – to favor of rich people to you. To scatter the beads is to lower the social status.

For a young woman, a dream in which she receives a bead as a gift predicts a happy family life. However, if she dreams that she has lost or scattered the beads, she will have to repent bitterly for her own actions, as she herself will break her happiness into pieces. If you have a dream that you are buying beads as a gift and can not stop your choice, in real life you will hesitate for a long time before you decide to end your bachelor habits and get a family.

If you buy beads in your dreams, you will need the help of outsiders to achieve your goal. Going through the rosary means that you are afraid to take risks without being sure of luck. Seeing a priest picking rosary beads foreshadows trouble.

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