If in a dream you see the bed and feel the desire to lie on it and sleep, then in real life you tend to go about your desires, which often has a very sad effect on the progress of your affairs. If you dream that you are lying on someone else’s bed, then in reality you should be prepared for the fact that you will be involved in some scam that will leave a mark on your reputation. Lying on a bed that falls beneath you means that you must be more careful about your own health.

To see a snow-white bed in your sleep is to the successful outcome of your endeavors. A dream in which a young woman dreams that she makes a fresh bed, promises her a new beloved. If you dream that you lie in bed in an unfamiliar environment, then wait for uninvited guests. If you had a dream during your illness that you were lying in bed, wait for your condition to deteriorate. Sleeping in bed outdoors is a great opportunity to improve your situation. If you dream of someone close to you lying in bed with a pale view, you should be prepared for problems with your family or friends. If a mother dreams that her child is urinating in bed, she should be prepared for the disturbing news. A wet bed seen in a dream warns you that your plans may be disrupted by an unexpected illness or misfortune.

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