If you see black curly hair in your dream, it is a symbol of flirtation and temptation. If it is dreamed by a young woman, she can become a victim of a love affair. If a man dreams that he has such hair, he will drive a lot of women crazy. If you dream about yourself and others in black robes, then be prepared for quarrels, disappointments and intrigues of competitors. If a young woman dreams that she sees herself in transparent black vestments, it is a sign of sadness and disappointment. A dream in which you see your parents dressed in black means that serious disappointments await you. Seeing a letter with a black border heralds distress and misfortune with someone close to you. If you dream that you received a letter written on black paper in white ink, only the support of your friends will save you from bitter disappointment. The black swan symbolizes the desire to taste the fruit of the forbidden tree. Black feathers dream of disappointment and failure in love. A dream in which you shallow black pepper means that you need to be extremely careful not to get into the network set up by enemies. If in a dream you write or draw chalk on a black board, then you do not have to count on luck.

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