If you have dream of a beautiful bouquet made up of bright lively flowers, expect a large inheritance from a distant relative. To dream about a dried up bouquet – to illness and misfortune. To see in a dream a bouquet of wild flowers – to the appearance of a sincere and ingenuous friend. To give someone a bouquet – to disappointment in someone close to you. To throw away a dried up bouquet – to get rid of annoying acquaintance. If you collect a beautiful bouquet yourself, then perhaps you will have the courage to admit your feelings for your beloved. If a man has such a dream, he will soon dare to propose to the beloved girl. If you have a dream, as the bouquet falls apart before your eyes, it shows the fragility of your relationship with your beloved. Such a dream can predict the end of the engagement. If you refuse to accept a bouquet of flowers as a gift, you will have to regret what you have done.

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