If you dream about beautiful large buildings surrounded by well-groomed squares and lawns, you are destined for a long and happy life full of adventure and travel. Sleeping in new small buildings means that your family life will be happy. If the houses are old and neglected, it is a sign of deteriorating health, conflict and other problems. A dream in which you see a huge high-rise building predicts that soon something will happen in your life that will change your ideas about good and evil. If in your dream you have to climb to the top floor without an elevator, be sure that you will have the strength to cope with the troubles of life. If you have a dream that you have to clean a very large building, you should think about whether you are not taking on the solution to other people’s problems. If you get lost in your dream and can’t find the building you’re looking for, you’ll have a thirst for adventure in your life. But if you have lost your bearings inside the building, then in reality you should rely more on intuition.

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