A dream in which you see cakes or cakes means that in the near future you will have all the conditions to carry out your plans. The only bad sign is a wedding cake. Eating or baking a wedding cake is not a good sign. A dream in which you are going to buy a cake but find that you are short of money means that you will be able to achieve material prosperity, but it will require an incredible effort. If you enjoy eating your favorite cakes in your dream, you should stop and think about whether it is time for you to take a break. If in your dream you ate a cake and were poisoned, then in reality you are trying to convince yourself that there are many dangers around you, and this only makes life harder. A dream in which your child refuses to eat anything but cakes means that you feel guilty for indulging your own and others’ weaknesses.

If in your dream you see a huge beautiful cake, then in real life you will meet your friends joyfully. If you dream that you eat cake, which is already ruined, then in reality you think too long about the proposal made to you. Make sure it’s not too late. A dream where you’re standing in line for a cake and you’re getting the last one, warns you about possible business losses.

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