If you have a dream about a cat, it may symbolize failure unless you chase it away. If in your dream the cat is attacking you then you’ll be exposed to enemy intrigue. However, if you do chase her away then you will be able to overcome all obstacles. Seeing a scrawny, dirty cat means you’ll get bad news from people you don’t know. Some of your friends will be in trouble. But if you chase the cat away, your friend will recover from a serious illness. Hearing cats meowing can warn you that the enemy is hiding under your friend’s guise. If your cat scratches you in your sleep, your competitors will be able to deprive you of the income you’ve been hoping for. A dream in which a young woman is holding a kitten means she’s at risk of getting into a bad story because of other people’s unworthy behavior. To see a snow-white cat in your dream is to get into trouble that you might not have noticed at first, but which will then be much more serious. If you are trading, the dream of the cat encourages you to hide in the work with triple force as competitors try to survive you.

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