A dream in which you see yourself in a well-kept cemetery promises to get good news from someone whose health you were worried about. There is also a good chance that something that was taken away from you will be returned. To see an abandoned cemetery overgrown in your sleep means that you will live to the point where all your relatives and friends will leave you and strangers will take care of you. If a young man dreams that he is walking in a cemetery, it is a symbol that he will be able to win the love of friends. However, it is possible that he will not be able to cope with sadness. A dream in which a bride walks through a cemetery on her way to a wedding ceremony means that she risks losing her husband on the journey. For a mother, a dream in which she carries a bouquet of fresh flowers in the cemetery means that her family members will be in full health. For a young widow, dreaming in a cemetery means that she may remarry soon. If she is in a sad mood, she will not escape the trouble and regret. For old people, dreaming in a cemetery heralds death. To dream of little children frolicking in a cemetery means that good changes are coming. Besides, such a dream promises a long and happy life.

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