To see you go up in your dreams is a good sign. To climb the stairs – to good luck and happiness, and your experiences will be replaced by confidence in yourself and in your right. Rising on the elevator – to soon wealth and glory. If in your dream you have to climb the top floor without an elevator, be sure that you will have the strength to cope with life’s turmoil. If in your dream you climb the escalator, in your professional activity you will be lucky, maybe even more than you expected. If you have a dream that the escalator does not work and you have to climb on foot, then you will face serious difficulties, overcoming which you will still succeed. If in your dream you climb under the very roof of the tower, then in reality you will be able to realize your plans. However, if you dream that while you climb the tower, the steps under your feet are crumbling and the tower eventually collapses, then your hopes for the best will not come true. If in your dream you climb higher and higher on practically steep cliffs, then you will have a difficult struggle, from which you will emerge victorious. To see breads rising in your sleep before they are put in the oven is a sign of great success. Such a dream promises material prosperity and understanding in the family.

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