A dream in which you see clothes can have both negative and positive meaning. It all depends on what these clothes look like. When interpreting such dreams, you should be careful and pay attention to how things look: naturally or not. If a bright supernatural light penetrates through the clothes, and the faces of people dressed in these clothes, distorted, watch out: on the way of life you can expect terrible disasters. If you have a dream about beautiful but outdated clothes, this dream means that you are waiting for luck, but you risk to miss it because of your conservative views. A dream in which you give up old-fashioned clothes predicts that you will have new friends in life, new business, new love, and all this can make you a completely different person. Seeing yourself and others dressed in white in your dreams is sad. To go in a dream with a man dressed in white – to this man’s disease. However, if it is a young woman or child, then in life you will be surrounded only by nice people. If you dream about yourself and others in black clothing, then be prepared for quarrels, disappointments and intrigues of competitors. Yellow robes – a sign of approaching fun, good luck, prosperity. However, be careful if the clothes are radiant, because it can warn of changes for the worse. Blue clothing – a sign of justification for your attempts to achieve success, as well as a symbol of loyalty of your friends. Crimson or dark red clothing – a sign of safe deliverance from the intrigue of enemies, subject to adjustments to your plans. Green clothing – a sign of happiness and prosperity. Colorful clothes – a sign of rapid change. It may be difficult for you to understand what is good and what is evil. If you dream that you don’t like your clothes, it means that your views of life are too variable. Because of that, you risk making a mistake. If a young woman dreams that she is not happy with her clothes, it warns her of many minor obstacles on the way to the intended. If she sees herself in transparent black robes, it is a sign of sadness and disappointment. If she admires the clothes of others, then she should not give cause for envy. A dream in which you have lost something of your clothes warns of possible anxiety in both love and commercial affairs. If you dream dirty torn clothes, then watch out for deception, avoid strangers. To see in a dream clean new clothes – to success in business. If you dream that you have a lot of different clothes in front of you and you can not stop your choice on anything, then in life you will be tormented by doubts. For young people, such a dream can mean a collapse of hope.

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