If you have a dream about drinking coffee, be prepared for your friends’ disapproval of your choice of life partner. After such a dream, family people will have disagreements and quarrels. Trading coffee means that you have a business failure. Buying coffee is a sign that you can easily return the money you invested in the business. If a young woman dreams that she is brewing coffee, she will be an object for gossip. If she roasts coffee beans, she can escape the rumors by marrying a foreigner. Coffee grounds, seen in her dreams, promises a successful fight against enemies. Green coffee means that you will have sworn enemies, who will not give you mercy and will try to destroy you. Sleeping in a coffee shop means that you risk making friends with unworthy people who will drag you into an intrigue. If you have a dream about a coffee grinder, you are on the edge of an abyss and you need to mobilize all your strength to hold on.

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