The dream in which you harvest symbolizes the results achieved. However, you should interpret this dream according to what you are harvesting. Harvesting peas means that your plans will come true and you will be satisfied with the fruits of your work. Picking pears means that your disappointment will be followed by joy. Picking nuts means that you will be successful in your heart’s work and your endeavors will be completed. Gathering plums is about making your desires come true. However, it is possible that, having achieved this, you will understand that you really aspired to another. Gathering rotten plums from the ground means that in reality you must accept that some of your goals are unattainable. Picking blackberries means that in reality you should be prepared for the troubles and losses that have fallen on your share Collecting gooseberries means that in your life finally begins a strip of joy and good luck. If you pick flowers in a beautiful bouquet, you may have the courage to admit your feelings for your beloved. If a man has such a dream, then soon he will dare to propose to the girl he loves. Collecting violets in a dream is a good sign. Such a dream predicts joyful events. For a young woman, a dream in which she cuts roses means a marriage proposal. If there are countless roses and she gathers them in the armful, the groom will be a rich and respected man. To see a suitcase in your dreams is for long journeys. To pack a suitcase – for a pleasant journey soon.

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