The construction we saw in our dreams heralds change. Seeing a crane working on a construction site shows that your actions will be approved and your opinion will be listened to. If you have a dream that a construction crane has fallen, do not expect support even from your most loyal supporters. If you qualify for a leadership position, you will not receive it. If you see in your dream that you were brought to the construction of poor quality building materials, then in real life you are waiting for serious trouble, but you, thanks to your intelligence and wit, you can avoid them. If in a dream you build a wall, then in reality you will be able to achieve their goals. If you dream that you are building a house, then in reality you will make a reasonable change in your current affairs. Building a porch is a foreshadowing of new responsibilities. Building a garage means the inevitable performance of someone else’s work, communication with people of other professions, the need to establish contacts with new people.

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