To see the deceased in a dream is a bad sign. After such a dream you should wait for sad news from those who are now far away from you. Failures in commercial matters are also possible. If you dream about the deceased lying in a coffin, you will be haunted by troubles and failures. To see someone close to you dead in your dream can mean family misfortune or a serious family quarrel. For lovers, it’s a sign of treason. If in your dream you put coins in the eyes of the deceased, then in reality you will suffer from the dishonest actions of your enemies, who will take advantage of your limited circumstances. Placing a coin in one eye only means that you will be able to partially defend your position. For a young woman, such a dream is a harbinger of distress because of her excessive trustfulness. If you find out about someone’s death, you expect unpleasant news from that person.

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