If in your dream you see a big beautiful dog, who seems to realize his greatness and nobility, then in real life you will have a chance to satisfy your ambitions. If you dream that you come to someone else’s house, and there is a dog pouncing on you, then in reality you should not stick your nose into other people’s affairs. For a young woman, a dream in which she plays with a dog means that she can make her fall in love with a man that others do not have to dream about.

If you have a dream about a dog growling and throwing itself at you, you should beware of enemies, and if the dog is flirting with you, it is for the well-being and loyal friends. If you have a dream that your dog has an excellent pedigree and excellent qualities, then expect riches. To see in a dream that you are followed by a bloodhound means that you will be tempted to give in to temptations, which threatens to cause great trouble. If you dream about little dogs, it means that your thoughts are too frivolous. If you are dreaming that you have been bitten by a dog then be careful when dealing with people around you as they may be too inclined. Sleeping with a skinny dog can mean business failure as well as children’s illness. If you are dreaming about a dog show, it is a sign of good fortune. A barking dog predicts bad news for you. If you have a dream that dogs are driving a fox or other beast, your business will go brilliantly. Sleeping with little domestic dogs means you may be too selfish. If a young woman dreams of such dogs, they can predict her fiancé with too much ostentatious gloss. If you are afraid of a big dog in your dreams you will be embarrassed to stand out from the crowd. For a young woman, such a dream promises an outstanding husband. Hearing dogs barking and growling means that you are too influenced by people around you who do not always want to do you good. The barking of a lonely dog predicts a long separation from a loved one or even his death. If you dream of a bunch of fighting dogs, be prepared for enemy attacks. Maybe you’re going through a period of depression in your life. If you have a dream that a dog is killing a cat, it predicts a good deal and unexpected joy. If you are dreaming that dogs and cats are getting along peacefully and then suddenly throw themselves at each other it is a sign that you are in for a breakdown in love affairs. If, however, you manage to separate them in your dreams, you can avoid breaking up with the person you love. If a good white dog approaches you, an attractive offer awaits you, whether in business or love. For a woman, it is a sign of imminent marriage. If you’re dreaming about a dog with many heads, it means you’re trying to get too busy. For someone who wants to succeed, this dream is a reminder that if you chase two birds, you won’t catch one. To see a rabid dog in your dream means that all your efforts to achieve your desired goal are in vain. In addition, you may suffer from a serious illness. If a mad dog manages to bite you, it warns that you or someone close to you is on the verge of madness and that something tragic may happen. If you dream that you are traveling and only a faithful dog accompanies you, this dream promises faithful friends and success in all endeavors. If you dream of a floating dog, it means that you have a smile of fortune. If a dog kills a snake in your dream, it is a harbinger of luck.

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