If you have a dream about a donkey, in real life you will be annoyed by the fact that you are not required and disorganized. If you see donkeys in your dreams, you can achieve the desired goal through hard work. If you dream that you run away from a donkey that pursues you, then in reality you will be a victim of scandal or gossip. If you ride a donkey against your will, then in real life, unexpected quarrels may happen. To hear a donkey scream in your sleep means that you are in danger of being publicly insulted. To see other people riding donkeys in your dreams means that you have a hard life to live. Chasing a donkey means that you will be able to channel all your energy to fight against enemies. Falling off a donkey means that you are faced with failures and disappointments in social life. Lovers will have quarrels and parting. Drinking donkey milk means that your whims will be satisfied even at the expense of the cause. If you dream that the donkey kicked you, you risk getting involved in a dubious scam. If you dream about someone else’s donkey among your own, you will soon inherit. Buying or receiving a donkey as a gift – to achieve high social status. It is a pleasant dream in which you see a white donkey, because it promises you long-term success, which will allow you to achieve the pleasures and knowledge to which your heart aspires. Such a dream promises a woman to enter a society in which she has long and persistently sought to get.

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