If you have a dream that you are preparing dishes and laying the table for the festive feast, your life will please you with stability and well-being. If the feast is disturbing for you in your dreams, then the trouble will come when it was least expected. To be among the guests invited to the feast means that in your life you will meet soulful people. If you dream that you eat at a table without a tablecloth, it means that you are independent and independent in nature. To see a tablecloth dirty on a table means disobedience by children or subordinates. To see empty tables in your sleep foretells you poverty.

If in a dream you see a princely feast, then in the near future in your life there will be significant events. Much depends on who you see yourself at the feast. If you see yourself as a guest of the party, your ambitions will be a bad help to you; because of them you risk missing something important. If you have a dream that you are serving a table, then in real life you are not afraid of black work, so you can benefit even from a knowingly unfortunate situation.

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