A dream in which you climb a fence means that all your endeavors will be successful. To fall off a fence means that you will take on a task that you are not capable of, and make sure in practice that all your efforts will be fruitless. Falling through a hole in a fence means that you will use illegal methods to achieve your goal. If in your dream you are sitting on a fence and the fence suddenly falls, such a dream heralds an accident. If in your dream you meet a fence in your way, you break it, step over it and go further, it means that you will be able to do something global. A dream in which a herd of pets crosses a fence in your yard symbolizes the unexpected but much needed help. If, on the other hand, the animals run away over the fence, then you are expected to lose your way in trade and other affairs. If in a dream you build a fence, the fruits of your work are not yet visible, but you know exactly what you are laying the foundation of future prosperity. Such a dream promises a girl success in love affairs.

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