If in your dreams you got into a fight, then in reality you are threatened with unpleasant meetings with competitors. Lawsuits are not excluded. Try not to take decisive action, otherwise you risk getting yourself in trouble. Seeing yourself defeated in a fight means that you risk losing your property. If you get hurt bleeding, be careful, as your interests may be betrayed by those you thought were your friends. Watching a fight is a waste of money. Taking apart fights is a sign that you are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and are trying to achieve more. For a woman, such a dream can mean that behind her back there are gossip and rumors. If a young woman sees her lover fighting, it is a sign that he is not worthy of her love. If in your dream you whip your opponent with a whip – to a worthy victory in a difficult struggle. You will certainly achieve what you want. If you have dreamed of a duel in which two shoot, you will face a difficult situation. However, such a dream does not portend anything particularly bad.

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