A dream in which you see dirty or scratched fingers means that trouble and suffering awaits you. You cannot escape disappointment and despair. To see beautiful hands with white fingers in your dream means that your love will be mutual and your generosity will justify itself. If your fingers are cut off in your dreams, beware of the intrigues of your enemies who are trying to deprive you of wealth and inheritance. If you see that you do not have enough finger on your hand, for a woman this dream foreshadows the misfortune that may happen to her child, and for a man it foreshadows the loss of respect of friends or colleagues. The absence of a thumb foretells need, deprivation and loneliness. To see the thumb in a dream means the patronage of some influential people, but your position will be uncertain for a long time. If your thumb is hurt, then be careful in business. A dream in which you are surprised to find that one of your fingers is much bigger than the others means that you are destined for a situation in which you have not yet had to find yourself. If your thumb seems unnaturally small, your pleasures will be fleeting and short-lived. If it is unnaturally large, then you will have a great stunning success. A dirty thumb dreams to the satisfaction of your passions. Too big a fingernail on your thumb predicts that in pursuit of dubious pleasures you will get into trouble.

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