If you have a dream that you are floating high above the ground, then be prepared for family problems; if you are flying low, you will get sick. A dream in which you flying over dirty water encourages you to devote more time to your affairs, for otherwise competitors will take advantage of your negligence. If you fly over ruins, it can be a symbol of boredom. If you look at the green trees and grass below during your flight, you will find yourself in temporary difficulties, which will soon be replaced by luck. If you dream about a space flight to the moon and other planets, then global cataclysms are possible – wars, epidemics, famine. A dream in which you fly on black wings means that you will experience bitter disappointment. For a young man to see himself flying on white wings is a sign of success in business and love. If such a dream is often repeated, it is a sign of increasing prosperity and fulfillment of desires. If you fall during a flight, you will also fall in life. However, if you wake up at that moment, you will be able to cope with problems. For a young woman, a dream in which she flies from one city to another and lands on the dome of a church means that she has to defend her ideas and beliefs. She is also in danger of deteriorating health. The death of one of her loved ones is possible. If she dreams that she has been shot, she should beware of enemy intrigues on the way to her success.

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