If you have dreamed about happy friends – wait for pleasant news, you can even meet someone from your family or friends. To see your friends in distress or in sickness means that they are in danger of health problems. The same means a dream in which you see a friend with a darker face. If you are dreaming about a friend as an animal, be careful as your enemies are trying to make a mess of your life. The bright red clothing your friend is wearing means that you are in danger of getting into trouble and loss. If you dreamed of a fixed figure of your friend, located on a hill, you can count on major success, while maintaining the same views on life and not losing good relations with friends. However, if your friend’s figure is lower, you will have to pay the price of losing your friend for success. If the figure is placed on the same level with you, then you should not count on success. If you are dreaming that your friend’s figure is moving away from you, then you will probably try to make changes in your life, risking losing your friends. If you have a dream that a friend is trying to hide his face, then be prepared for deception by someone who impersonates your friend. If in a dream you shake hands with a person who you do not like, then in reality you may lose a loved one.

If you dreamed that you had a quarrel with your best friend, then evil tongues behind your back are spreading gossip about you. If in your dream you talk to your friend on the phone, in real life you are tired of communicating with people and often seek privacy. A dream in which your friend has come to you for help, and you are not inclined to help her, means that you are in dire need of friendship and support. For a young woman, a dream in which she meets and beats off a friend’s admirer means that her strict moral principles sometimes prevent her from enjoying the simple joys of life.

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