If in your dream you see a little girl with an angelic expression on her face, then in reality you should be careful not to get caught on a fishing rod abandoned by your enemies. To see a little girl crying in your dream means that you are at risk of serious illness. If you do not take immediate preventive measures, everything may end badly. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees herself as a little girl, symbolizes that sometimes she wants to forget about the problems of adulthood and fly under the parent’s wing.

If you dream about a beautiful girl – a harbinger of iridescent prospects and family joys, and ugly or sick – it’s to trouble and sorrows in the family. A dream in which a man sees himself as a girl can symbolize the blackout of the mind. To see a virgin in a dream is to good luck in business. If a young woman dreams that she is a virgin, perhaps she will regret her past. If, on the contrary, a young woman dreams that she has lost her virginity, then in reality there is a real threat to her reputation. If a man dreams of a love affair with a virgin, the dream warns him that he is in danger of failure and his actions will be condemned by others.

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