If you are dreaming about ancient glasses, then you will receive the favor of strangers and a large profit. For a woman to dream that she is serving a man a glass of water means that she will be tempted by the forbidden fruit.

If you had a dream that you were pouring water into a glass, standing upside down, in real life you bitterly repent of your mistake. A dream in which you drink vodka glass by glass but are not drunk at all means that you are shocked to the core by some news, but try hard not to show it. Perhaps even to yourself.

A dream in which you look through glass means that your hopes will not come true. If you have broken a window or glassware in your dream, you may not be able to bring your dreams to a logical conclusion. If you received crystal as a gift, you will be admired. To see shining, clean glass in your sleep means that you are lucky to have a job. If the glasses are muddy, beware of doubtful situations.

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