Dreams in which you go somewhere predict change. If you have dreams that you are going without knowing where you are going, in real life you risk making a mistake that will cost you a lot. For a young woman, the dream in which she and her beloved are going on a wedding journey promises her a successful marriage that will bring joy to both of them. If in a dream you are driving in a car, you will have a pleasant trouble. Taking public transport (be it bus or train) means that you should tune in for a change in life. Their scale will depend on how far you intend to go in your sleep.

If you have a dream that the snake is going to bite you, then in real life you will find yourself in a situation where you are powerless before your enemies. If in your dream you are going to buy something and find that you do not have or do not have enough money, then in reality you will be able to achieve material prosperity, but it will require an incredible effort from you. A dream in which you are going to go can be taken literally, that is, as a prediction of a possible trip. In addition, such a dream promises change in life.

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