To see a grave in a dream is a bad sign. After such a dream, wait for business failures and health problems. If you dream about a fresh grave, you risk to suffer from other people’s mistakes. If you come to this fresh grave, there are clouds over your head. Wandering among graves can mean someone’s impending death, and for a young woman it can mean an unfortunate marriage. Looking into an empty grave means that you will suffer severe disappointment and loss. A dream in which you see a person you know in a grave covered with earth around your neck foretells that person’s misfortune and you lose property. To see your own grave in a dream means that your enemies are planning something against you, and you should be extremely careful. Digging a grave means that you will face the problems created by your enemies. But if you have dug a grave, you have every reason to believe that you will be able to cope with the enemy. If the scene is illuminated by the sun, then evil will turn to good. A dream in which you were going to bury a dead man, and he suddenly disappeared, means that trouble will come from where you could least expect it. For a woman, a dream in which night falls on her in a cemetery and she is forced to go to sleep in an open grave means that she will experience a deep disappointment associated with the death or betrayal of a loved one. She will be miserable in love, and she will be haunted by failures. To see in her sleep old abandoned graves is a sign of deep sadness, despair and despair. However, if you firmly endure the trials of life, then fate will generously reward you.

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