If in her dream a young woman combs her beautiful well-groomed hair, then in reality she does not attach due importance to her personal life. If a man dreams that he starts to be bald, it warns him against wastefulness, which can lead to serious financial problems. If you dream that your hair is graying, such a dream can predict the imminent death of a close friend or relative. If you dream of a young boy or girl with gray hair, be prepared for loss. Perhaps your beloved will leave your life. A woman should be especially careful when sleeping like that, for it may be her fault that the trouble will happen. If a young person dreamed of a woman with gray hair, she should beware of rivals, as she risks losing her gentleman. If you have a dream that your whole body is covered with hair, you may be overly devoted to the pleasures of the flesh, and this can lead to problems in communicating with others. Black curly hair is a symbol of flirtation and temptation. If a young woman dreams about it, she may be the victim of a love affair. If a man dreams that he has such hair, he will drive a lot of women crazy. Red hair is a symbol of fickleness. If a young man dreamed that his beloved has red hair, he must be ready for jealousy. Snow-white hair means that fate will be favorable to you. If a woman dreams that she has hair of different colours, it means that in real life she will face the problem of choice. If she is judicious enough, her life will change for the better. Seeing lush hair is for the greater good. If you dream that your hair has been carefully cut, it can mean that you’re in luck. If you have a dream that you have short haircuts, be prepared for financial problems due to your wastefulness. Cracked hair can mean you’re in trouble in business and family life. If a young woman has a dream that she can’t brush her hair, she’s got to reconcile her stubborn nature. A dream in which you have been cut warns you to be prepared for deception and disappointment. If your hair starts to fall out on its own, it means you’re in serious financial trouble. If a man has a dream that he is going through the delicate curls of women, it is a good sign. Such a dream promises him mutual love with a good woman who will be faithful to him no matter what. If you dreamed that your hair is decorated with flowers, you will not avoid trouble. But it will be much less serious than it originally seemed.

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