For a young woman, a dream in which she does a lush hairstyle means that her frivolous behavior will cause her much trouble. If you’re dreaming that your hair has been carefully cut, it can mean that you’re in luck. A dream in which a young woman dyes her hair a different color means that eerie gossip will spread around her good name. If in a dream a young woman brushes her beautiful well-groomed hair, then in reality she does not attach due importance to her personal life. If a man dreams that he starts to be bald, it warns him against wastefulness, which can lead to serious financial problems. If you have a dream that you are cut short, be prepared for financial problems because of your wastefulness. If you have a dream that your hair is decorated with flowers, you will not avoid trouble. However, it will be much less serious than it originally appeared. Feeling your hair fluttering in the wind in your dreams means that you need to be less careless. Sleeping with a hairdresser is a scandalous story that can damage your reputation. For a man, it will involve a femme fatale.

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