Beautiful, well-groomed hands you see in your sleep mean that you are guaranteed success and fulfillment of your desires. Beautiful hands are a symbol of need and disappointment. A dream in which you see the wounded hands means that someone will succeed before you. If you see blood on your hands, you will soon be separated from your family. Burning your hands means that you will not calculate your strength and will not be able to achieve the intended result. If you dream about your hand being separated from your body, it is a sign of loneliness. It will be difficult for you to find understanding with other people. Seeing your hands covered in hair means that you are not destined to strengthen your position where you are now. If you are dreaming that your hands are too big, this dream predicts rapid progress in your affairs. Seeing them unnaturally small means that you’re in a state of stagnation. Dirty hands mean you’ll be haunted by envy. Wash your hands – for a joyous event or a party coming up. If in a dream a woman admires her hands, then in reality she will deserve the sincere respect of the person whom she values most. To admire other people’s hands means that she will fall into dependence on a man who will be jealous of her. For a young woman, a dream in which a man holds her hands foreshadows indecent proposals. If a man kisses her hands, she should be wary of gossip. It is a pleasant dream in which a woman makes fire without burning her hands, as it means she will be able to gain power and public recognition. Seeing yourself in a dream with your hands tied warns you that you are at risk of getting into an awkward position. However, if you manage to free your hands, you will be able to subordinate others to your will.

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