If you have a dream that you are wearing a big fur hat that falls on your face, then in your personal life you will have circumstances that you will try to hide from your loved ones. However, be careful not to lose everything. For a young woman, a dream in which she knits her hat means her desire to create home comfort. It is possible that she may make a hasty decision and marry the first person she meets. If in a dream you put on a hat and find that it is someone else’s thing, then in reality you need to be more careful not to get involved in other people’s problems.

If in your dream you fell in love with a beautiful hat on a beautiful head, then in the near future you will succumb to some easy love affair. For a young woman, a dream in which she chooses a hat from the ones she has, means that in real life she is quite windy. If a man has a dream that he is buying a hat, then in reality he is trying to hide from the responsibility for his transgression.

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