To see horses in your dreams is a sign that you will accumulate wealth and fully enjoy life. Riding a beautiful white horse is a good sign that predicts the joys associated with people close to you. If the horse is thin and dirty, be wary of betrayal by those who are envious. The raven horse is a symbol of good luck, but on the way to it you risk to do an unworthy act. For a married woman, such a dream can mean infidelity of her husband. A kauraya horse is a symbol of wealth, but it will not bring you satisfaction. A horse in apples is for profit. Seeing yourself riding a horse’s bay is a symbol of luck in life. Such a dream can also mean satisfaction of passion. For a woman, it can mean too much giving in exchange for material goods. If you dream that you are riding a horse, and the horse suddenly incurred, it is quite possible that your interests will be compromised by the action of a friend or person in a high position. To see that the horse is running away from you in a herd, heralds the illness of friends. Beautiful stallions dream to success in business, mare – to mutual understanding in the family. If you move ford a small river, then soon you will be waiting for luck, entertainment and pleasure. But if the current is stormy, these joys will disappoint you. If you dream that you cross a clear clean river on the back of a horse, you will be accompanied by luck. If you dream about a wounded horse, wait for trouble with your friends. A dead horse is a sign of disappointment. To see a horse kick in your sleep means that most of your desires are hard to reach. If you try to bypass a stubborn horse that throws you down, then expect serious competition. However, if you manage to tame it and throw a ride on it, then in reality you will cope with all the troubles. If the horse kicks you, then be prepared that your love will be rejected. If you do not manage to catch the horse, prepare yourself for the fact that fate will play a bad joke on you. To find a horseshoe in your dreams is for great luck. For a woman, such a dream promises a faithful, caring spouse. If in your dream you yourself are horseshoeing, then perhaps you will try to acquire property in a doubtful way. If you are trying to horseshoe a horse that is too small and broken, then in real life you will be accused of fraud In your dream you see racehorses, the pace of life you have gained will weigh on you. It’s a pleasant dream that you’re participating in the races. If you dream that you killed a horse, it means that in life you think only about yourself, and it hurts your loved ones. If in your dream you are riding an un riding horse, it is a sign that all your achievements have been achieved through incredible efforts. If a man dreams that he rides an un riding horse in the company of men – it is to the deserved success and help of friends, in the company of women – to the inability to achieve what you want because of excessive passion for the opposite sex. To see in your dreams that you are tidying up a horse’s mane or tail predicts that you can be a good financier or farmer. If you have a dream about a dray horse with luggage, be prepared for the challenges of wealth and love. If in your dream you try to enter a hill, but the horse falls, but you still get to the top of the hill, then in reality you will be able to achieve the intended, despite all the difficulties and problems. But if you ride to the top on horseback, you will be able to achieve in real life a successful and strong position. Going down the hill on horseback means that the course of your business will disappoint you. A dream in which a young woman rides a crow’s horse, promises her communication with interesting people. Some of her wishes will suddenly come true. If a young woman dreams that her beloved is following her, it means that she will enjoy success with many famous and lucky men. If she dreams that she is afraid, then she will be haunted by the jealousy of her loved one.

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