If you have a dream that your husband has left you, and you can not understand the reasons for this, then in reality you face a serious fight, but soon all will be formed. If you dream that your husband is angry and convinced of your infidelity, then in real life you will earn his trust and respect. Do not get carried away by other men. See your husband in his dreams dead – to sadness and disappointment, sick and exhausted – to a serious illness, fun and beautiful – to happiness and luck. If your husband dreams sick, he may be unfaithful to you. If you dream that your husband is in love with another woman, it may mean that he is tired of the current environment and tired of failures. If in your dream you are in love with someone else’s husband, then in reality you are not happy with your marriage. And if you are not yet married, such a dream promises a failed marriage. If an unmarried woman dreams that she has a husband, then in reality she will deserve the admiration of men. To see her husband in an unambiguous situation at a party means for a young woman that she is waiting for trouble associated with the ungrateful behavior of her friends. A young woman may also dream of her husband being killed while he is with another woman. Such a dream means an approaching separation from her husband, as well as other troubles. Possible loss of some property.

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