If you have a dream about ice, you should be prepared for adversity and afraid to hit the most unprotected place. If you dream of ice floes in a stream of clear water, then in reality your serene happiness can be overshadowed by envious friends. If in your dream you are walking on the ice, it is possible that in reality you will take a sharp turn and part with your usual comfortable life. For a young woman, a dream in which she walks on the ice means that she should be much more careful in her behavior, because she can attract too much public attention. Ice icicles in the houses are reduced to poverty and lack of comfort. Deterioration of health is also possible. icicles on a fence mean possible suffering in the body and soul. icicles on trees mean that your prospects will be even darker. icicles on coniferous trees mean that a brilliant future will be hidden under the shadow of doubt. The dream in which you make ice warns you that in reality you risk failure because of your selfishness and presumptuousness. To suck the ice is to illness. Drinking ice water in your sleep is a warning that carelessness can lead to serious consequences and illness. If you are sleeping in icy water, you should not rely on your planned rest, as it can be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

If in your dream you can’t cope with driving and you are carried on the ice, in real life you can get what you want. The main thing is that you are not afraid of the obstacles encountered and do not retreat. If you dreamed that in the ice you, as in childhood, ride on your feet, then perhaps it’s time for you to fulfill the promises made to your loved ones.

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