If you have dream of good, but no longer fashionable clothes, you will smile at your luck, but you risk losing it because of your conservative views. A dream in which you give up an old-fashioned jacket predicts that in life you will have new friends, new business, new love, and all this can make you a completely different person. If you dream that you do not like your jacket, it means that your views on life are too variable. Because of that, you risk making a mistake. If a woman in her dreams admires a jacket worn by a man, she should not give cause for envy and misinterpretations. If in your dream you see a dirty work jacket, then watch out for deception, avoid strangers.

If you have a dream that you are admiring your new jacket in front of the mirror, then fate will give you a unique chance. Buying a jacket is a good sign. Perhaps you’ll be promoted. If in a dream you see that the jacket does not fit you well, then in real life you are tormented by vague anxiety.

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