The dream in which you kiss your mother is a good sign. It’s a dream that predicts business luck. If you kiss a brother or sister, you will have a good relationship with friends and colleagues. Kissing children means family peace and satisfaction with the results of their work. Kissing your beloved in the dark means judging and gossiping others, in the light means behaving with dignity on your part. If you see someone else kissing your beloved in your dreams, you risk losing her love. If a young woman dreams that her lover is kissing someone else, she must be ready to part with him. If she dreams that she kisses her lover, it is a symbol of the gossip that braids her. If you dream that you are kissing a strange woman, be prepared for the fact that life will involve you in the cycle of not too decent connections. A similar warning is a dream in which you secretly kiss. Such a dream can be followed by serious trouble in the family. Kissing your friend in the dream means that in life you can find ways to reconcile. Kissing someone on the neck is a symbol of passion. Air kissing can predict a pleasant journey.

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