For a young woman, a dream in which she swims in a muddy troubled lake means that she will face bitter remorse for her frivolous behavior. Sailing on a lake in a boat that is gradually filling up with water but reaching the shore in spite of everything means that you are mistaken in any fundamental moment, but you will soon find yourself on the true road. To see that someone else has managed to escape together with you means that someone of your acquaintances will do an ungrateful deed, but later he will be able to justify himself to you. The muddy lake, surrounded by bare rocks and dried up trees, dreams of unhappy predictions in business and love. A muddy lake in the shadow of green trees means that you have a difficult choice between spiritual and carnal. A dream in which you see a clear, clear lake and an unsightly landscape around it means that you will be overwhelmed by material and bodily needs. To see your reflection in the mirror-like surface of the lake means that you will have joyful meetings and new friends. To see your reflection of the trees in your dreams in the lake means that you will be accompanied by success in love. If you dream about the terrible inhabitants of the depths that threaten you, you should understand that the troubles you will face in the near future are directly related to the way of life that you led.

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