If you have a dream about a lamp filled with oil, you have a lot of work to do, but you are unlikely to be satisfied with the results of your work. If the lamp is empty, then you should look out for despair and sadness. Burning bright flame lamp heralds well-deserved luck and warmth of the family hearth. Weak lamp light means that you will be tormented by jealousy and envy. You will find peace only after you have honestly and sensibly discussed everything with your beloved. A broken lamp is a sign of the death of a relative or friend. Drop a burning lamp means that in real life, your plans are not destined to come true. Lighting a lamp means that you intend to make some innovations that will later bring you profit. Going with the lamp means that you will be independent of the opinion of others. If the lamp goes out, you will be in serious trouble. If you have a dream that you are very scared of something and threw the lamp, you should be alert, as enemies will try to lure you into a trap. If in your dream your clothes caught fire from the flame of the lamp, then in reality you will be disappointed where you hoped to get approval and sympathy.

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