For a man, a dream in which he admires the graceful legs of a woman means that he risks losing his head because of some person and will look stupid enough. If you dream about ugly legs, you will have to do knowingly unsuccessful things, and your friends will show their worst features. The hurt legs dream of loss and illness. If you dreamed that you have a wooden leg, you will behave dishonestly towards your friends. If you dream that your feet are covered with ulcers, then in reality you risk being too generous. If you have a dream that you have three legs or more, it warns you against the illusion of the expected income. A dream with your legs rejected prophesies poverty and hardship. If you have an amputated leg in your dream, it can lead to the loss of friends and family troubles. For a young woman, a dream in which she admires her feet means that she is overly vain, which will take her admirer away. If a woman dreams that her legs are hairy, she will be pushed around by her husband in life. To see her legs slim and beautiful – to a successful future and faithful friends.

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