Usually, a dream in which you see a letter is disappointing. If you have a dream about a registered letter, then be prepared for the fact that a good relationship with someone will be crushed by financial interests. For a young woman, such a dream means that maybe she will not be given a decent job offer. For a young man in love, such a dream may mean that his heavy premonitions will be justified, and his chosen one will prefer the attention and gifts of others. If you dreamed of an anonymous letter, you may be offended by the person you least expected. If you write an anonymous letter yourself, in real life you will be haunted by jealousy. A dream in which you learn about some troubles from the letter you received heralds difficulties and illnesses. If the news is pleasant, then wait for joy. If the letter is written on colored paper, you should be afraid to be deceived and deprived. It is good when the letter is written in blue ink, as it means constant love and good luck in business. Red ink symbolizes alienation associated with jealousy. For a young woman, a dream in which she receives a letter from her loved one and hides it in her heart heralds the appearance of a serious rival. If in a dream you can not read the letter you received, be prepared for losses in business or public life. A dream in which you try to hide the letter you receive from your beloved means that you waste your energy on trifles. Seeing a letter with a black border heralds trouble and misfortune with someone close to you. If you dream that you received a letter written on black paper in white ink, only the support of your friends will save you from bitter disappointment. If you receive a letter from your spouse in your dreams, you should be more tolerant of each other, as mutual accusations can lead to divorce. Writing a letter means that in this situation you tend to jump to conclusions that you will soon regret. Breaking up a letter means that you risk making a mistake that could ruin your reputation. Taking a letter in your hands means that it will be difficult for you to behave honestly towards your colleagues and family. If you have a recurring dream that you are receiving a letter from a friend, wait for his or her visit or any other news about the friend.

For a woman, a dream in which she writes the initial letters of her beloved’s name means that she misses his attention, but she does not know how to achieve it. If you see some letters in your dream that you can’t put into words, you should take the dream as a warning about the possible danger that awaits you. If you are dreaming about foreign letters that you don’t understand, in real life you are worried that you have to make a decision without having enough information to do so.

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