A dream in which you saw lightning flashes means that the period of prosperity in your family will be short. If you have a dream that lightning hits an object near you, then the luck of your friend will upset you greatly. If in your dream you saw a flash of lightning against the background of black clouds, then in real life you will face a lot of difficulties. If you dream that you were struck by lightning, you should be afraid of trouble. If a lightning strike occurs above your head, but does not touch you, then such a dream promises profit and prosperity. Much also depends on what side the lightning strike occurs. If you think that lightning sparkles in the south, then luck will temporarily leave you; if in the south-west, then wait for the arrival of good days; if in the west, over time you will have a better chance of success; if in the north, to achieve their goals, you must first eliminate obstacles; if in the east, then wait for luck.

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