To see a lion in a dream means a certain power that is outside of you. To defeat a lion means that you can emerge victorious from any situation. If the lion overcomes you, then you should be more careful. The dream in which you see lions locked in a cage means that your success will depend on whether you can defeat your enemies. The dream in which you see a lion trainer means that with your mind and intuition you will be able to reach heights in both business and love. Lions are dreamed for the beginning of a new period in your life, which promises to be successful if you prepare for it in advance. For a young woman such a dream promises good admirers. To hear a lion growling in your dream, but not to see it, promises men success with women. If in your dream you saw a roaring lion head with teeth growling, then on your way to success you will be defeated. To see a lion’s skin in your dreams means that you are destined for happiness and luck. If you managed to defeat a lion and climb on his back, then your strength and energy will be enough to achieve any goal. The dream in which you protect your children from the lion means that your enemies are trying to invade not only your commercial but also family affairs.

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