A dream in which you see beautiful herds of peacefully grazing cattle promises you prosperity, which you can achieve through deals with a profitable partner. Sleeping with skinny, shabby cattle means that because you are not careful enough and waste energy on trifles, you are destined to work hard all your life, barely making ends meet. If you are dreaming of a herd of fleeing cattle, you will have to do your best to stay in your position. If you see cows during milking, you will have an unprecedented wealth. If you dream that you are milking a cow with a full udder, then an enviable fate awaits you. If the calf has drank milk from the cow, you risk to lose your loved one, slowly showing reciprocity. Your property may also suffer from bad business practices. Seeing calves in your dreams means that you will have success in society. For a business person such a dream promises great profits from trade; for a lover – a strong and faithful love.

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