If you dream that you have lost something, such a dream is an unfavorable sign. A dream in which you have lost something of your clothes warns of possible worries in both love and commercial affairs. Losing gloves means that in real life you will go bankrupt and you will have to work hard and hard to secure your existence. Losing a shirt means that you will find it difficult to avoid shame. A dream in which you have lost your wig means that you will be ridiculed. Losing gold is a bad sign. You risk losing the most important chance of your life. For a young woman, a dream in which she lost the diamonds and can’t find them predicts shame, need and misfortune. Losing a watch means for a woman that she has domestic problems. Losing an umbrella means that trouble will happen to someone close to you. Losing your keys promises unpleasant adventures. If a girl dreams that she has lost her virginity, there is a real threat to her reputation. If in a dream you are lost and can not find the desired building, then in life you overcome the thirst for adventure. If you have lost a landmark inside a building, then in reality you should rely more on intuition. If in your dream you are trying to get on a lost path, then in reality you risk failure in a well planned case. If you have a dream that you have lost your luggage, be wary of business and family problems. If you suffer from loss of money in your dreams, you will be very worried about your family’s financial situation. If you lose scissors in your dream, you will have to perform some unpleasant mission. Losing a thimble means that you will have a poor life full of failures.

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