Loved One

If you dream that you kiss your loved one in the dark, you will not escape condemnation and gossip from others; if in the light – to decent behavior on your part. If a bride dreams that her beloved has married another, then she will be starved of unreasonable jealousy. A dream in which you are sad that your beloved is indifferent to you, then in reality you will be tormented by the question of choice between marriage and independent life. If you dream that your husband or wife loves you, it means that your family happiness is not threatened, and your children will please you. Cheating on someone you love is cheating on your part. If you have dreamed that your loved one is cheating on you, then be prepared that your trust may be abused. If, however, you cheat out of revenge, your family life will be seamless. Getting a picture of your loved one means that they don’t love you, but only use you to achieve their goals. For a young woman, a dream in which her beloved gives her beautiful, expensive gifts promises her a rich, decent husband. If in your dream you walk in a beautiful well-groomed park with your beloved, the dream promises you a pleasant pastime, as well as a successful marriage. For a young woman, dreaming that she is having lunch with her lover means that they are in danger of a quarrel or even parting. However, if they are very happy with lunch, their relationship will be cloudless. To say goodbye to a loved one means that you will feel his indifference. If you don’t feel sad when you say goodbye, there will be many admirers in your life.

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