If you have a dream that you are attending a meeting, your activity will be generously rewarded. In addition, you will finally have clarity in your personal relationships. If you have negative feelings about the meeting in your dreams, you should be prepared for disappointment.

If you dreamed that you met a friend and have a pleasant conversation with him, in real life friends and family will please you, and at work everything will go like clockwork. If when you meet a friend you feel unpleasant or the meeting occurred at a bad time for you, you will feel guilty for committing illegal acts, which will become public. If you meet with your grandparents in your sleep and talk to them, you will face difficulties, which will not be easy to overcome, but following good advice, you will successfully get out of the situation. To see in your dream that you meet strangers is an omen of good or evil depending on the appearance of strangers. If the appearance of a stranger is pleasant, then sleep promises good; but if he is ugly and moody, then expect trouble. See the New Year’s Eve in your dream – to prosperity and marital understanding. A dream in which you meet someone at the airport or train station means that your hidden problems will be revealed and will need to be solved. In addition, you will receive news from afar. If you meet someone with bread and salt on your doorstep, you will have a pleasant time at home. You dream that you meet a representative of the company, which is your partner in the business, then this dream shows the uncertainty, the desire to correct the situation at the expense of others.

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