Drinking milk in your sleep – for a rich harvest and family well-being. Such a dream promises a successful journey for travelers. This dream is also good for women. To see a lot of milk in a dream is a prediction of wealth and health. To trade in milk means that you have a lot of luck. Pouring milk and distributing it to others means that you will be too wasteful. Spilling milk means a small loss to you. Dirty milk dreams of little trouble and sour milk dreams of worrying. You’ll be worried about your friends who have had misfortune. If in your dream you want to drink milk, but for some reason you can not, then in real life, beware of losing the favor of a powerful man or a valuable thing. Seeing hot milk in your dreams is a struggle. But in the end, your persistence and wealth will bring you victory. A dream in which you bathe in milk promises all kinds of life pleasures and joy of communication with friends.

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