The dream in which you found the money means that small worries and problems will be replaced by success. The dream in which you give the money is to failure. If, on the contrary, you get (especially gold) – to wealth and wellbeing. Losing money – to problems in business and troubles in the family. If in your dream you count the money and find out the lack of it, then in reality be prepared for large unexpected expenses. If you have a dream that you have to save, then in real life you expect wealth. The dream in which you stole money warns you of danger and calls for caution. If you are looking at bills or coins, then in real life your financial situation is entirely up to you. If you have a dream that you borrowed a large sum of money, it may mean that people around you think you are a rich man, and some even a miser. If a young woman dreams that she has spent the borrowed money, it may be a warning that she may lose a close friend because of her negligence.

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